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Additional Websites Featuring My Work
You may follow Thomas Parry Photography on Facebook.

You may view excerpts of my recent documentary videos on my YouTube channel.
I have additional videos available for viewing on my Vimeo channel.
You may view additional stock images at my Parry Photography Flickr site.
You may view a selection of my award-winning wildlife, seascape and cityscape images at the Black and White Magazine Portfolio Contest website.
Finalist Award 2011, Photographer's Forum Magazine 31st Annual Spring Photography Contest. 
Some of my Favorite Artists and Photographers
Bert Ihlenfeld.  Graphic artist and photographer from Pacific Grove, California.  Unique and beautiful photographic art. His creative eye transforms ordinary subjects into extraordinary images. 
Lannie Wright.  Mystery/suspense writer and author from Carmel, California.  A fascinating site containing photography, book reviews, inspiration and videos.

Some of my Favorite Photographic Publications
Black and White Magazine.  Publication dedicated to collectors of fine art color and black and white photography.
Black and White Magazine 2011 Single Image Contest Gallery.
LensWork. The focus of this publication is “ideas and images rather than technique, imagination rather than imitation, and an understanding of photography beyond craft.”
Photographer’s Forum.  An award-winning quarterly publication dedicated to quality reproduction of photography in the United States and Canada. Each issue strives to facilitate communication and publication experience among emerging professionals.
Photo Technique.  Publication aimed at showing a wider vision of what photography can do by highlighting “variations on the photographic arts.”
Nature Photographer.  A ‘how to” publication for nature photographers that showcases beautiful imagery from field contributors around the world.
Other Links of Possible Interest
Engineers without Borders UC-Irvine Chapter.  Focused on creating a team of university students capable of addressing international development from a variety of perspectives. It is the vision of EWB at UC Irvine that engineering alone, though extremely important, is only one of the necessary components needed in helping provide communities with lasting solutions.
Engineers without Borders Art for Endana Exhibition and Gala.  I, along with many other artists and photographers, provided donations of photographs and artwork for exhibition and sale at this special event to raise funds for improvements to a secondary school in Endana, Kenya.  See some of their work here.
Center for Photographic Art. Carmel, California. Guided by regional traditions, the Center for Photographic Art promotes excellence in photography through exhibitions, communication, and education.
Photography Education and Workshops 

Art and Photography Schools: Directory of Photography Colleges, Schools and Courses.  This is an exellent resource site if you are interested in finding a photographic education program near you. There are literally hundreds of schools and programs listed to meet almost any personal need or career objective in the field of photography.

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